About Us

The term “resin” instead of “epoxy resin”. Resin is not only used in industry and boat building, but also in art. Thus, besides kitchen counters, floors, tables, pictures, jewellery or sculptures can also be cast.

Epoxy resins are a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener. By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place so that the liquid resin gradually hardens to a solid plastic. The result is a high-gloss, clear surface.
Swati Wood Studio explore an eclectic selection of resin art, from spectacular sculptural works and three-dimensional “paintings” to twinkling jewelry and avant-garde furniture. Dazzling and diverse, this collection of crystalline art showcases the versatility and beauty of the remarkable material.


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better


Swati Wood Studio is to create a world where can live in harmony with nature.


Our strength -we value for our customers, retailers, vendors and our employees.

What do we do?

Resin can also be used to finish drawings, photos and pictures (made of oil, acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolour, ink, mixed media, etc.) with a shine that can be created and also to protect them from UV light and mechanical influences.

Core Values

The trend to use resin in art comes from the USA, Canada and Australia. In Europe, the technology is still little known. With resin we can create works of art that enchant with their clarity, luminosity, brilliance and depth.

What we have?

We assure that only top notch material is used by our professionals along with ultra-modern machinery. Besides this, we check these on a variety of grounds before finally shipping them at the destination of our customers.